What This Site Is

This website is a museum dedicated to my personal top fifteen favorite video games of all-time. This is my own personal list. In other words, this caters to my own peculiar tastes and idiosyncrasies.

Some of these games are well-known, some are more obscure. Some are considered landmark and industry changing, others are not. I am not pitching this as everyone's top fifteen.

These are the games that I would most want to have at my side were I to become stranded on a desert island. (I would also, presumably, want to have their corresponding systems, and electricity with which to activate them. Hey, this is a great island!)

How I Selected The Games

In approaching this project, I reflected back on my years of gaming, and tried to recall those games that had the most impact upon me at each stage of my life.

There was a time of my life when all I had to play was my trusty Sega Game Gear. So, naturally, a game appears from that system, even though there were arguably contemporary systems of its day with better libraries.

Another example: I am a huge Star Trek fan. So, even though that franchise has had a dubious history when it comes to gaming, one of its better entries finds a home in this compilation.

For every game that I discuss here, there are five others in either the same franchise, or in a similar genre, that are also worthy of a mention.

But, in the end, the hard choices had to be made. So without further ado, let's dive into my top fifteen.