Additional WordPress Template Files

  1. archive.php - This is a fallback page for the five other types of Wordpress page templates previously mentioned (Author, Tag, Category, Taxonomy, Date, Archives). If you create or assign template files for none of the other previous five types, you still should at least create an archive.php.
  2. page.php - This file is used as the basis for custom page modifications within the WordPress theme. There is NO limit to the number of these types of files that can exist, and they can be used to make and assign user-defined adjustments to the default theme settings in case-by-case situations.
  3. single.php - The file is used when the user wants to view a blog post on its own, separate from the main blog feed.
  4. comments.php - As its name implies, this is the template that is called for user comments on blog posts.
  5. search.php - This is the template that is used to display search results after the user has made use of a site-specific search tool.

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