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What is WordPress?

WordPress is a popular Content Management System (abbreviated "CMS"), perhaps the most popular such tool in use today. Content Management Systems are web-based development frameworks that simplify, streamline, and aid the website creation process in a menu-based format that is accessible to content authors of all skill levels. WordPress is especially popular for blog creation and management, but it is not limited solely to that type of site. Novice users can stick to the page construction and customization menus that guide you through the process, while advanced users can tool around with the code to unlock advanced WordPress functionality.

The Lynda.com video series I viewed for this project described WordPress as a PHP CMS through and through, and that is absolutely the case. Everything in WordPress starts and ends with the PHP coding language. WordPress offers pre-built custom PHP functions, making it akin to PHP as jQuery is to Javascript proper. (Granted, jQuery is a code library, not a CMS, but it too offers advanced functionality with vastly simplified code.) Code gurus can have a field day, while beginners have a vast repository of pre-built tweakable themes to choose from. There's something here for everyone.

For this project, I viewed the following two Lynda.com video courses:

This site explores and describes the Wordpress structure and install procedure, as well as how to make use of some neat features offered by the platform.