Enabling WordPress Code-hints in Dreamweaver

In order to enable the global code-hinting feature in Dreamweaver as you type, you would press ctrl + spacebar. Doing so brings up a code hint list as Dreamweaver tries to guess what function, object, or method you are trying to invoke. See below.

Invoking Code Hints

You will notice that all of the items listed are a part of the PHP core functionality. This is fine to start with. But, what if we want to work with WordPress's vast library of custom PHP functions? If we start typing in those function calls, Dreamweaver won't yet know what to make of them, as they are what is termed a site-specific set of code hints. Fortunately, Dreamweaver has a built-in means for us to add said hints to its suggestion repository (not its official name, no doubt).

Hint Hint Forward