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Cool Features and Widgets


A powerful element of WordPress is its vast library of custom PHP functions, pre-built code snippets that create complex actions with only a few lines of code. For programmers who want easy access to this toolbox, it is essential to enable Dreamweaver's Site-Specific codehinting feature to recognize WordPress functions. See instructions on how to do this here.

WordPress offers excellent compatibility with third-party technologies. For example, Spry tools can be added (see how to add Spry "accordion" panels here). Also, jQuery library recognition can be added as well. See here.


To give you an idea of the vast array of neat WordPress widgets that are out there to be had, take a look at this sampling of widget titles culled from the entries of three distinct "Top Ten" lists (links here, here, and here). As they say with smartphones nowadays, if there's something you need done, there's probably an app out there for it.