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U.S.S Enterprise D

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Historical Details

The USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) was a Federation Galaxy-class explorer that was in service with Starfleet in the mid-24th century. This was the fifth Federation starship to bear the name Enterprise. During her career, the Enterprise served as the Federation flagship. The Enterprise was destroyed during the Battle of Veridian III in 2371.

The Enterprise-D made first official contact with a number of species.

During the Borg incursion of 2366 and 2367, the Enterprise suffered heavy damage. Deck 36, includ-
ing main engineering, was decompressed after a cutting beam damaged the engineering hull, killing at least eleven, and possibly eight more.

Later, the saucer module sustained damage to its impulse drive and decks 23 through 25 were sliced open by the enemy during the final battle over Earth. The extent of the damage required a full refit at Earth Station McKinley, which lasted five to six weeks.

During that refit, the starship received a phaser upgrade as well as full damage repair and a new dilithium chamber hatch. The hatch malfunctioned later that year, causing extensive damage to the warp core. Although Romulan sabotage was initially suspected, it was later learned that undetectable flaws in the hatch were responsible.

The Enterprise was the command ship in Captain Picard's ad-hoc armada which blockaded Romulan assistance to the House of Duras during the Klingon Civil War. She coordinated a tachyon detection grid which was used to detect cloaked Romulan ships from crossing the border.

Technical Info

The saucer of the Galaxy-class Enterprise could separate and re-dock, a feature used to leave its civilian population behind when the stardrive section went into combat. The Enterprise pushed her engines to the limit, Warp 9.8, during the Farpoint mission in 2364, while fleeing from the entity known as Q; she also conducted the first high-warp saucer separation at that time.

The Galaxy-class Enterprise supported an array of scientific disciplines, with laboratories and departments devoted to stellar cartography, exobiology, cetology, astrophysics, cybernetics, arch-
aeology, cultural anthropology, botany, hydroponics and planetary geosciences.

The Galaxy-class Enterprise was armed with twelve Type X phaser arrays and three photon torpedo launchers, each capable of firing ten torpedoes at a time. One phaser array was mounted on the "cobra head" of the secondary hull while a photon torpedo launcher was mounted on the ventral aft of the saucer; both are inoperative while the saucer and stardrive sections are docked. The ship also had a high-capacity shield grid and at least 250 photon torpedoes.

The Galaxy-class Enterprise had at least eight transporter rooms and 20 transporter systems. The Enterprise had amenities such as holodecks, an arboretum, a school, a gymnasium, amphitheaters, and a bar called Ten Forward. The Enterprise included a sickbay and a number of labs and other medical facilities. Other areas, such as Ten Forward, could serve as emergency shelters. The shuttlebays, cargo bays, and other areas of the ship could be converted into triage wards.