14. Burnout Revenge

Game at a Glance

Why It Makes This List

Burnout Revenge and its immediate predecessor, Burnout 3: Takedown, are watershed entries in the racing genre. (In case you're wondering, Revenge gets the nod here due to its support for custom soundtracks on the Xbox, and subsequent improved re-release for the Xbox 360.)

The game isn't about merely beating your opponents via the clock. It's about straight up taking them out of the game.

Revenge does not shy away from mayhem, chaos and destruction: It heartily embraces them.

There are two primary categories of events: Racing modes and Crash events. The Racing modes include Burning Lap time trials, Grand Prix point matches, and a Takedown mode where the goal is to eliminate as many enemy racers as possible before your car falls apart.

The Crash mode is like setting up an intricate domino set....except that your car is the first block, and the "dominoes" are busy cityscapes full of cars just waiting to be blown sky-high. The goal is to launch your car at the hapless cluster of vehicles, setting off a chain reaction of explosions to do as much damage as possible.

This game is battle racing at its finest. Its sense of speed is uncanny (even five years later), and its wanton disregard for safety is primordially satisfying.

Driving insanely fast, destroying thine enemy, and blowing everything up around you. What's not to like?