12. Batman: Arkham Asylum

Game at a Glance

Why It Makes This List

I like videogames (obviously).

And I really like Batman. He is easily my favorite comic book super hero.

But incredibly, in the three decades-plus of home console existence, Arkham Asylum is arguably the first game ever to do right by the Dark Knight.

Where to begin? First off, the game features Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill reprising their roles as Batman and Joker, respectively, from the highly regarded Batman: The Animated Series.

Asylum has a robust combat system, allowing the player to chain together punches, counters and special items (e.g. the Batarang, the Batclaw) to take down scores of enemy henchman.

Then there's the "Detective Mode." This x-ray vision mode allows Batman to know instantly where all his enemies are on the screen, what their alert status is, Metal Gear style, and if there are any walls that can be broken through with Batman's equipment.

But Asylum goes above and beyond the fantastic visuals and gameplay to include an encyclopedia of characters from the comic book. This encompasses all the good-guys and villains from the Dark Knight's universe, even featuring a listing of their very first appearance in comic book print. (This includes Batman himself, whose first appearance was in Detective Comics #27 in May of 1939, by the way).

Asylum's combat and upgrade system would make any game great. But throw in the Batman license, and this game is an absolute must-have for DC fans. Thirty years and counting into the era of the home videogame console, a software development team finally got Batman right.