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Welcome to my web developer portfolio! Click on the headers below to see individual projects. (All projects open in a single additional tab/window.)


Mikey's 15
(HTML5 Audio/Video, jQuery Image Fades)


My first web project, and the site that inspired this domain name. It's a top 15 countdown of my all-time favorite video games. It includes screenshots aplenty, historical details, and audio/video samples for each game.

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Photo Site Demo
(Animated Divs, SlidesJS, jQuery UI)

Storybook Imaging

A site concept design built for a photographer's business.

The front page makes extensive use of image fades and animated divs. The galleries incorporate a plugin called Slides JS.

Graphics and photography by Storybook Imaging.

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Starship Database (PHP, Dynamic Images)


An ode to my Star Trek fanboyism, this project displays database information about various starships, and arranges the screen in the LCARS layout and style introduced in ST:TNG.

Hat tip to Memory Alpha for ship descriptions, and to every Trek fan who creates starship and LCARS art.

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All About Wordpress (jQuery "Greybox" Plug-in)


A research project about Wordpress set-up and theme customization. This project demonstrates window slideshow pop-ups with Greybox, a jQuery plug-in.

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Tech Support Demo (PHP, jQueryUI Datepicker Plug-in)


This project is a mock-up application for an administrator of a fictional company that would provide tech support to clients. It allows the user to manage product, customer, and technician lists, as well as add incident reports.

The Manage Products section incorporates the jQueryUI datepicker plug-in.

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Quality Assurance Work Samples

Javascript Mini-Projects

Musical Compositions


Nerdrage Theme #1

Nerdrage Theme #2